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Poly Textile 250 1118mm x 18m

Poly Textile 250 drobės rulonas 1118mm x 18m

This soft, fire-retardant (B1), matte, white woven polyester textile is suitable for indoor and outdoor signs and banners needing to be flexible but durable. Deep and rich colours can be achieved via pigment or dye water-based inks. The resulting printed banners are both weather and UV-resistant, and are suitable for backlit applications when printed with a high coverage of ink.
The heavy weight and durability of the Production Poly Textile B1 290 allows for longer-term use or more demanding applications.

  • Flexible, durable and fire-retardant matte white polyester textile
  • Supports both dye and pigment (recommended) water-based inks
  • Achieves deep, rich colours for high impact
  • Weatherproof: resistant to water and UV
  • Quick drying and easy to handle
  • Suits indoor and outdoor signs and banners, exhibition and show/window displays

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Kaina be PVM: 72,45 €
Kaina su PVM: 87,66 €

polyester 250 drobes rulonas