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EPSON Luster Paper 6X65 2 rolls

EPSON Luster 6′
ruloninis popierius C13S450066, 6×65 2 vienetai

Premium Luster photo media for superior image reproduction and wide color gamut, a weight of 248gsm, thickness of 243µm and a Luster finish with a gloss level of 18% at 60°. The base material is PE extrusion around a paper core. The media has no backprint for improved print product flexibility. The base color (UVO) is L* = 94.2; a* = -0.2; b* = -1.8 (UVO)

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Kaina be PVM: 50,39 €
Kaina su PVM: 60,97 €

Epson Luster 152mm